OEM Service

OEM/ODM Cooperation Methods
1. OEM can be achieved by labeling our existing mature products with customers'brands.
2. We can change some parts, excluding structure and appearance, of our products according to customers'requirements and then conduct production with customers'brands attached.
3. Customers could provide materials about their self-developed products, which include product blueprint, bill of material (BOM), production document and sample, etc. We will build prototype based on these information and OEM can be conducted after customers check and accept our prototype.
4. Customers come up with design ideas and detailed design requirements. After technical feasibility analysis, we will express customers'intention with real products. Then OEM can be done.

Service Process
1. Our business staff will communicate well with our customers to acquire their specific requirements about the product they need.
2. After confirmation of product requirements and package, customers send us feedback. Then we can finalize the scheme or development plan.
3. After cost accounting, we will offer a price.
4. Once we reach an agreement with our customers, we will sign a cooperation contact with them.
5. We will start production after customers are approved of our samples and place an order.
6. Inspection for Product Acceptance is conducted. At last, products that pass inspection will be packaged and delivered.

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