Developing History

IN 1984
The first coated and 2 color printed steel tape measure was born here.

IN 1987
Our company drafted out the Zhejiang provincial standard of steel tape measure with coated blade and 2-color printed.

IN 1987
Our company is the first one obtaining the EEC pattern approval from EU.

IN 1991
The Great Wall brand steel tape measure won state gold prize,which symbolized that the Great Wall brand steel tape measures has been recognized more widely.

IN 1998
Our company produced the first piece of high tension fiberglass tape measure, which filled up the blank record in china.

IN 1999
Our company was invited to stipulate the industry standard of steel tape measure in China. This standard is still the state universal standard.

IN 2004
Our company developed the first high rank adjustable wrench and put into the production.

IN 2005
Our company successfully produced the first high rank spirit level in China, which has accuracy up to 0.5mm/1000mm.

IN 2005
The Great Wall brand was rewarded as China export famous brand by China Commercial Department.

IN 2006
Our company became the first manufacturer using the environment-friendly coating material for steel tape measure.

IN 2006
The Great Wall Brand was awarded as China Renowned brand.

IN 2007
Our company was designated to stipulate the industrial standard of adjustable wrench in China.

IN 2008
Our company became the first one in China that invented automatic tape measure and automatic adjustable wrench.

IN 2009
We presided the stipulation of national standard of packaging, marking, transportation and storage of hand tools.

IN 2010
As a member of GMC, we participated the stipulation of national standard of steel tape meaure and fiberglass tape measure.

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