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Founded in August of 1984, Great Wall Precision is a leading manufacturer in the hardware and tools industry in China. Our high quality hand tools come in over 200 series of products with more than 1,500 specification options. Each of our precision tools are produced in our advanced 220,000 square meter production facility, where we have an output of 160,000,000 meters of steel tape measures per year. This makes us the largest manufacturer of steel taper measures in Asia and our annual output of adjustable wrenches and levels is also among the highest in China.

We have been awarded ten provincial and national prizes in our company’s history. In 1986, we were recognized as an Excellent Product in Zhejiang and authorized as a China Renowned Brand by the General Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2006. In addition to our awards and accolades, we also hold 130 patents, including 15 innovation patents. We are the only enterprise in the hardware and measuring tape industry that has passed the authentication process of quality, environment and occupational health safety system in China.

The Great Wall brand is registered in 52 countries and we hold several hardware and tools industry certifications. In 1988 we passed EEC authentication by the EU. We do business in Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Canada, South America, Africa and Asia. The Great Wall brand has been recognized as a high quality line of products and is the often regarded as the first brand in hardware in China.

Innovation and high quality production are the strengths of our company and we continue to build on them based on our more than 30 years of experience. For as long as the world needs tools, we will continue to supply our clients with superior quality products and services.

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