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In 2004, our company developed the first batch of high end adjustable wrenches in China and put it in production. In terms of materials,our wrenches and hex keys fall into two categories, which are high end type and middle end type. High end type is made of superior quality Cr-V steel, while middle end utilizes carbon steel. The wrench surface can be black nickelplated, chrome-plated or black coated.

There are many kinds of pliers made for various general and specific purposes. As a professional manufacturer of hand tools, our company provides varieties of pliers such as combination pliers, needle-nose pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, bent nose pliers, retainer pliers, slip joint pliers, water pump pliers, etc.

Welcome to Great Wall company, which is a professional manufacturer of hardware tools. The products displayed on the current page are hammers and axes. Our hammers vary in the material of the handles, which include forged steel handle, steel tube handle, fiberglass handle and wood handle. The first three handles are coated with TPR rubber and plastic, which contributes to comfortable hand feeling, high strength and impact resistance. Hardwood handle features good toughness.
As a professional manufacturer of hardware tools, we produce different screwdrivers to accommodate different situations, such as household type, maintenance typeand industrial type. The handles are available in a wide variety of types.
Specialized in hardware and tools, our company develops and sells kinds of cutting tools including hacksaw, scissors, utility knife, electrician’s knife and cutter, etc. Made of qualified steel, all these products come in a wide variety and they are all durable in use. Cutting tools are widely used for cutting of various materials such as steel tube, aluminum pipe, thin-wall conduit, sheet steel, cloth, paper, rope, etc
Based on demands of telecommunications industry, we have designed variety of electrician tools, which are easy to use and insulated and safe. These products involve clamping pliers, stripping pliers, heat gun, melt glue gun, desoldering pump and test pencil. Every kind of product has its own unique advantages. If you need any electrician tools, please feel free to contact with us and you will find what you need.
As a professional manufacturer of welding tools, our company provides various welding tools including welding mask and electrode holder, etc. Besides easy and flexible operation, the more important thing is that the product manages to protect operating worker during welding process.

As a professional manufacturer of hardware tools, we supply our customers with various tool kits for different purposes to satisfy their demands in all respects. Our tool kit includes household tool kit, automotive tool kit, socket sets and combination tool kit. These tool kits are combination of various hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, hammers and cutting tools, etc.

As an expert of hardware tools, we have developed and produced over 200 series of hand tools over the past 30 years. Besides measuring tools and wrenches, we also provide other hand tools including riveter, caulking gun, fitter’s file, oilpot, grease gun, oil gun, ink fountain. You could choose different types based on your needs from our company.