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Measuring Tools

    1. Tape Measure (Steel)

      Steel tape measures come with different coats which include ABS coat, two-shot injection molded coat and metal coat. Made of high quality exported ABS material, ABS coat is characterized by vivid color, good gloss, light weight and durability. 

    1. Fiberglass Tape Measure

      In 1988, our company has developed the first high-strength PVC tape measure, which changes the fact that there is no plastic tape in China. Our fiberglass tape measure has two types of coats available, which are ABS coat and metal coat punched by aluminum alloy.

    1. Spirit Level

      Spirit level is also called beam spirit level, bubble level or carpenter's level. It is made of superior preformed aluminum material. It can be divided into high precision type and general use type based on accuracy of the vials. Accuracy of these two types reaches up to 0.5:1000 and 1:1000 respectively.


Welcome to Great Wall Co, Ltd.. The measuring tools you will see on the current page include steel tape measure, fiberglass tape measure, spirit level, steel ruler, distance measuring wheel, auto-leveling line laser, etc.

As a professional manufacturer of measuring tape, our company has produced the first bi-color greased steel tape which is complied with international standards in China. By now, our annual output of steel tape reaches 1,600 millions meter, which is the largest production scale in Asia. We own over 130 patents and enjoy a high reputation in Europe, America,the Middle East and Southeast Asia.