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Tape Measure (Steel)

Steel tape measures come with different covers which are made of ABS, injection molding plastic and metal. ABS cover is characterized by vivid color, good gloss, light weight and durability. The main material of injection molding plastic cover is ABS and black rubber, and it brings more comfortable hand feeling and higher drop resistance to flexible ruler. Aluminum alloy or stainless steel is applied to make metal cover, which is strong and classy. Our customers can choose different materials for the tape measure cover based on their requirements.

As an expert of measuring tools in China, our company has our pocket tape measures laminated with nylon to improve their wear resistance, straightness and corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, the thickness of the tape is increased by 30% on the basis of traditional one, thus preventing it from bending when it retracts. More types of metal tape measures are also available, which includes magnetic hook and regular hook.