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Tape Measure, Metal Coating

Stainless Steel Tape Measure

-Auto stop function for convenient operation.
-Accuracy up to MID class 1, or JIS class 1.
-Same model but without stainless steel metal parts also available for choice

Model Specification Pcs /CTN G.W/N.W(kg) Packing Dimension (mm)
GW-383W 3m /10ftx16mm 120 18/16 430x300x270
GW-3H83W 3.5m /12ftx16mm 120 20/18 430x300x270
GW-583E 5m /16ftx19mm 60 16/14 475x285x175
GW-5H83E 5.5m /18ftx19mm 60 18/16 475x285x175
GW-7H83X 7.5m /25ftx25mm 48 22/20 460x335x200
GW-883X 8m /26ftx25mm 48 23/21 460x335x200
98 Series Tape Measure

-UV chrome plated, various beautiful color (golden, blue, silver, red, etc) for your choice.
-Auto stop function for convenient operation.
-Enlarged belt clip offers more durability.
-Rubber sticker label, beautiful and makes the brand outstanding.
-Nylon coated blade provides 10 times longer lifetime.
-Magnetic tip for optional.

Model Specification Pcs /CTN G.W/N.W(kg) Packing Dimension (mm)
GW-398W 3m /10ftx16mm 120 18/16 455x316x290
GW-3H98W 3.5m /12ftx16mm 120 20/18 455x316x290
GW-598E 5m /16ftx19mm 60 16/14 510x310x190
GW-5H98E 5.5m /18ftx19mm 60 17/15 510x310x190
GW-598X 5m /16ftx25mm 60 18/16 510x355x190
GW-5H98X 5.5m /18ftx25mm 60 19/17 510x355x190
GW-7H98X 7.5m /25ftx25mm 48 22/20 460x360x215
GW-898X 8m /26ftx25mm 48 23/21 460x360x215
35 Series Tape Measure

-Steel tape measure with aluminum case.
-Can be anodized to be different colors for your choice (golden, blue, green, red, etc), very beautiful.
-Tough and strong.
-Flat and smooth rear case, can attach perfectly to the flat object.
-To measure the internal diameter.
-MID class 1 certified.

Model Specification Pcs /CTN G.W/N.W(kg) Packing Dimension (mm)
GW-235W 2m /6FTX16mm 120 18/16 400x250x268
GW-335W 3m /10ftx16mm 120 20/18 400x250x268
GW-3H35W 3.5m /12ftx16mm 120 22/20 400x250x268
GW-535E 5m /16ftx19mm 60 16/14 430x270x160
GW-5H35E 5.5m /18ftx19mm 60 17/15 430x270x160
GW-535X 5m /16ftx25mm 60 18/16 430x300x160
GW-5H35X 5.5m /18ftx25mm 60 19/17 430x300x160
GW-7H35X 7.5m /25ftx25mm 36 17/15 312x294x182
GW-835X 8m /26ftx25mm 36 18/16 312x294x182
74 Series Tape Measure

- Auto stop function for convenient operation.
-Accuracy up to MID class 1, or JIS class 1.
-Top shining stainless steel can be used as a mirror.
-JIS certification approved.

Model Specification Pcs /CTN G.W/N.W(kg) Packing Dimension (mm)
GW-374W 3m /10ftx16mm 120 17/15 440x324x250
GW-3H74W 3.5m /12ftx16mm 120 18/16 440x324x250
GW-574E 5m /16ftx19mm 60 15/13 475x270x180
GW-5H74E 5.5m /18ftx19mm 60 16/14 475x270x180
GW-7H74X 7.5m /25ftx25mm 48 21/19 430x320x205
GW-874X 8m /26ftx25mm 48 22/20 430x320x205
A42 Series Tape Measure

-Nylon coat, more durable 10 times longer life time.
-Thickness of thicker blade is 0.13mm. Thicker blade is not easy to be bent and has a longer service life.
-Thickness of thin blade is 0.12mm. The top of thinnest blade is easy to be bent when retraction.
-Can choose magnetic hook.
-The case is made of pure aluminum case without any rubber or plastic, tough and heavy duty.

Model Specification Pcs /CTN G.W/N.W(kg) Packing Dimension (mm)
GW-Q3A 42W 3m /10ftx16mm 120 21/19 430X315X265
GW-Q3HA 42W 3.5m /12ftx16mm 120 22/20 430X315X265
GW-Q5A 42E 5m /16ftx19mm 60 17/15 485X260X190
GW-Q5HA 42E 5.5m /18ftx19mm 60 18/16 485X260X190
GW-Q5A 42X 5m /16ftx25mm 60 21/19 485X315X190
GW-Q5HA 42X 5.5m /18ftx25mm 60 22/20 485X315X190
GW-Q7HA 42X 7.5m /25ftx25mm 48 18/16 330X315X210
GW-Q8A 42X 8m /26ftx25mm 48 19/17 330X315X210
11-1 Series Tape Measure

- Profile design patent No.: ZL 200630301573.4
-Double stop button, can be stopped by forefinger or thumb respectively, free your hands for other works.
-Widened outlet design to protect the hook from potential damage when falling down.

Model Specification Pcs /CTN G.W/N.W(kg) Packing Dimension (mm)
GW-311-1W 3m /10ftx16mm 120 17/15 445x330x260
GW-3H11-1W 3.5m /12ftx16mm 120 18/16 445x330x260
GW-511-1E 5m /16ftx19mm 60 15/13 495x280x185
GW-5H11-1E 5.5m /18ftx19mm 60 16/14 495x280x185
GW-511-1X 5m /16ftx25mm 60 17/15 495x310x185
GW-5H11-1X 5.5m /18ftx25mm 60 18/16 495x310x185
GW-7H11-1X 7.5m /25ftx25mm 48 21/19 455x335x220
GW-811-1X 8m /26ftx25mm 48 22/20 455x335x220
GW-1011-1X 10m /33ftx25mm 48 24/22 475x225x235
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